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Hinges and seals

Window hinge closeup Window hinges thumb If you feel draughts around your windows, or the sashes don’t close properly, it usually means the seals are worn and/or the hinges are worn or broken. We can provide a straightforward solution to these problems by replacing either the seals or the hinges - or in some cases, both!



Locking mechanisms 

If your window is jammed shut, or the handle turns but doesn’t open the sash, then it is likely the locking mechanism is broken. Again help is at hand, as we can release the jammed window and fit a new mechanism to return your window to working order.

Window lock mech before thumb

    Window lock mech after thumb      


If your window handle is broken it can easily be replaced. There are many styles of handles to choose from, in a variety of colours to match your existing handles and the colour of your window frames.

7 handles

If you are still unsure exactly what the problem is with your windows don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll try our best to help!